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2005 - 2008
Jazz, Sapphire & Je T'aime Jazz & Sapphire Sapphire Enjoying One her Favorite Past Times Eating Jazz & Sapphire (Sisterly Love) Jazz & Sapphire Sapphire & Jazz/December 2007 January 2008, Jazz, Je T'aime and Sapphire. Sapphire Decided she would like some more White on her ;-) Sapphire and Je T'aime Je T'aime Using Sapphire as a Table to Eat her Dinner Je T'aime, Japheth, Sapphire & Jazz Born Free...... as Free........ as the........... Wind Blows Poo & Sapphire Saffie Taffie Sapphire and Tiria Ground Driving All Hitched Up and No Where to Go.... Sapphire Tiria Driving Sapphire Sapphire is a Very Good Girl Driving the Day Away More Driving Pictures Yep Even More Can You Handle One More Driving Pic? Tiria Trimming Sapphire's Hooves Sapphire's Beautiful Blue Eye, Hence her name ;) Jazz, Sunny, Genesis, Sapphire & Je T'aime Sapphire and One of Her Boyfriends Tazer Sapphire in September 2008 Pregnant with Ember, Only about 3 Months Along Sapphire September 2008 in one of Our Photo Shoots Sapphire Winter 2008/2009
2009 The Year Sapphire Became a "Mommy"
Seriously Sapphire is a Cutie! Jazz, Liner, Tazer & Sapphire Sapphire 9 Months Pregnant with Ember May 19, 2009 Sapphire with newborn Daughter Ember, Sapphire's First Foal :) Watchful Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire One of My Favorite Pictures :) Sapphire & Ember Running Sapphire Awaiting her Turn in Our 2009 Photo Shoot The Best Pictures From the Photoshoot Cont....... Cont....... Cont....... Cont....... They Finally Let me Go! Jadis & Sapphire Sapphire Alot of Snow Sapphire Winter 2009/2010

I just LOVE the Following Pictures they were Taken June 8, 2010
Just Hours Before her Second Foal "Stark" was Born.
Sapphire 2010 Photo Shoot Sapphire 2010 Photo Shoot
Sapphire 2010 Photo Shoot Sapphire 2010 Photo Shoot Sapphire 2010 Photo Shoot

Sapphire & her 2010 Colt Stark Pretty Sapphire Sapphire & Yearling Daughter Ember Sapphire All Harnessed Up So Tiria Could Get a Ride Tiria & Sapphire Driving Tiria & Sapphire Driving Tiria & Sapphire Driving Having Too Much Fun! Tiria Giving Sapphire a Hug <3 Giving the Neighbor Kid a Ride What are You Eating?
2011 The Year of Nyx
Sapphire Winter 2010/2011 Sapphire, Starlet & Merrylegs Sapphire with a Very Round Belly :) Can You Please put that Camera Away? Aren't I Cute?! Sapphire & Jadis -Going On a Little Walk- Leandra & Sapphire Leandra, Sapphire, Poo, Tiria & Starlet I just met you and I Already Love you :) Sapphire & Baby Nyx Here's the Milk Bar What a Good Momma :) Sapphire & Nyx 1 Week Old Sapphire & Nyx Sapphire & Nyx Sapphire & Nyx 1 Month Old Nyx Running Laps around Sapphire
My MOST Favorite Sapphire Pictures Taken August 2011


On May 15, 2012 Sapphire had her Fourth (& a Surprise) Baby
a Filly We named "Glimmer" aka: "Desert Realms Girl On Fire"

a Few Days After Delivering her Fourth Foal :o)

June 12, 2012

Toni & Tiria Griffith
Grand Junction, Colorado (USA)
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