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Starlet Decided to Surprise us Early! We had no idea She was even Close! We Came home from a Meeting & Lunch, On Sunday, April 20th, To a COMPLETELY Dry Baby! Thank Goodness There was no Problems (Whew) Unlike the Difficult Birth Starlet Had with Rift's Older Brother, "Seneca" I think She decided it was in her Best Interest to have this one Closer to her "Due Date" then to wait until Day 357, She had Rift at Day 340.

I was hoping Starlet would have a Colt, just so I could Name him "I'm Money" After One of my Favorite Songs, I'm Not Disappointed at all :o)

Here are Some of the Lyrics From the Song :o)

" Yo, get out the get out the way of the money man.
Ladies know I'm dope, so consider me contraband.
Fella's are just jealous, cuz they're ponies and I'm mustang.
Don't try to hang cuz I'm out with a big bang.
Get get down, all the ladies wanna be with me.
Get get down, all the fellas compete with me."

"Everybody look at me!
Flyer than Mr. T. I know you wish, to get with this tonight."

This just Confirms the Fact that I am a nerd ;o)

April 20, 2014 Rift Just a few Hours Old :o)

Tiria Thinks, Rift is a Buckskin Dun and I'm Leaning More Towards him Being Just a Buckskin, Tiria could Very Well be Right, It's hard to tell Because he has SOOO Much Coat! Seriously at Least 4 Inches! I'm Dying to see him Clipped & Coat Color Tested lol, The Picture Below is just for a Comparison, I will be Documenting any Changes in Coat etc. Just Because I Find it Very Fascinating. Tiria thinks there is a Black Dorsal Stripe Under the Fuzz!

Rift has a Super Cute Curly Mane, It's Adorable!
He has Black and Light Tan Mane Hairs Perhaps Tiria is Right on him being Dun hmmmmm, Ever So Interesting

Starlet Loves her new Baby <3

April 26, 2014 Rift at 6 Days Old Finally Big Enough to Venture out of the Foaling Stall :o)

Rift is Completely Gorgeous and You can see he has "Presence" Even in these Pictures, I think he is Pretty SPECIAL :o)

May 7, 2014 (17 Days Old) Filling Out, Rift Has a Huge Crush on Miss Ember lol!

Sibling Rivalries, Rift and his Older Sister Enya. They are Pretty Cute Together!
Notice Rift is a Typical "Little Brother" Sticking his tongue out and Everything Haha!

5/21/2014 DUN LAB RESULTS ARE IN!!!!
Rift is a DUN (and Tiria is Right!!)
Now We Really Can't wait to Body Clip him!

5/22/2014 One Month Old! :o)

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