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Ember was our very First Home Grown Keeper! Foaled in 2009, Out of Sapphire. Ember waited for us to be Present to Deliver her Very First Baby! Unlike her Sneaky Momma Sapphire! I got home First Checked her out, Tiria got home decided to Clean her up, Literally Seconds After I took her Halter Off She Laid Down and Started Pushing! Well Since your here, Might as well have this kid ;) Did I mention I love my Lil Ember <3

"Enya" was Foaled April 11, 2014, She Shares The Date of Birth with Our 2008 Palomino Pinto Filly, Desert Realms Rayon De Soleil, Who Sadly Passed Away Prior to Enya's Birth. Sunny was a First Cousin to Enya's Dam, Making Enya and Sunny Second Cousins.

Enya is Second Generation "Desert Realm", and she is Third Generation of Our "Fire Line" She Joins Grandma Sapphire, Momma Ember, Aunts, Nyx, Glimmer and Uncle Stark. Enya is also One of our Very First Drifter Babies! I bought him just for her Momma So Enya is Extra Special!

Tiria and I Both Wanted Ember to have a Filly! and we got just what we Ordered! We have an Ember Look Alike! Except She has more "Colored" Patches. We are Completely in LOVE with this Filly!

Enya Was Pretty Much Born with her Registered name
Desert Realms For Love or Money
But it took awhile to get her barn name lol!

Ember is IN LOVE with her Baby <3

First Time Standing

First Time Nursing, and if you can't tell Ember is Awesome!

12 Hours Old

Don't you just love the Zebra Print Coat?!? :o)
I didn't buy the coat for her, but she was the First One to Wear it :)

Tiria and Little Enya we have Similar Pictures with her Dam Ember

April 17, 2014 (6 Days Old) First Time Out of the Foaling Stall :o)

April 19, 2014 Enya 8 Days Old

May 7, 2014 4 Days Short of a Month Old I love How she is maturing

One of My Favorite Pictures of Miss Enya!

May 21, 2014 Enya at Approx 6 Weeks Old, I think she is Red (Sorrel Pinto) I really need to get her Coat Color Tested as she is either Bay or Sorrel but at this Present Moment I'm Thinking Sorrel ;o) Matches her Fiery Personality lol!

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