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Below are the results of our Ultrasounds! Should be having 5 Babies in the Spring!!!

2018 Colt

Update! We finally pin pointed our Problem and it was the hay!
Hay has been removed and our final mare due is being medicated.
I plan on adding some information about it later so others don't have the same unfortunate Problems we had.

Desert Realms Chain of Memories

DOB: May 3, 2018 (329 w/Equidome) Bay Roan Pinto (LWO+) Colt
RFM Amirs Al Sadeek (World Top Three) X Desert Realms For Love or Money (By Zephyr Woods Cash Money)
AMHA # A 231262 / AMHR # 344046T
*~*Parentage Qualified*~*

The Only Survivor of our Fescue Hay Massacre, We Started Enya on her Equidome Treatment 7 days before this little guy was born, and he almost didn't make it, Textbook Delivery, Thank Goodness, but Found him in the sack, and I thought he was dead, but he MOVED, I tore that Sack Open and we began giving mouth to mouth, rubbing him vigorously and holding him at an angle, and patting him trying to shake lose any liquid still inside, Everything helped and there was signs of life so we kept going, after 15 minuets was breathing okay on his own, but he was weak, gave him some Colostrum Paste, and started milking Enya, got some Molasses Water, and started giving him some every 15 minuets or so, He was Very weak but showed a will to stand, kept working with him and about an hour after birth he was standing another half an hour and he was searching my mom's leg for the milk bar. With my cousins help, we got him to latch on but we were still continuing to give him colostrum/Molasses/Enya's Milk until he was 8 Hours Old, and was doing fine, but Tired and sore, because of the rough start he that he had, Gave him some Banamine and another dose of Colostrum, and he has been fine ever since, We have to thank our WONDERFUL Vets for helping walk us through this ordeal and helping us save this beautiful little guy!

"Ventus" (meaning Wind) is a Gorgeous Bay or Bay Roan Pinto Colt, and he has my mom and I ridiculously wrapped around his little Hoof, naturally as we fought extremely hard for him to be here, and he is nothing short of a Miracle. He has a Fiery Attitude, & Sass that Runs Deep through his Family Lines, He was giving us the stink eye, while we were trying to save him. Ventus is also our VERY First Third Generation "Desert Realm" and We have 4 Generations here, including his Dam Enya, Grand Dam Ember, and Great Grand Dam Sapphire. Ventus is the Very First Grand Baby of my incredible National Champion Drifter, and He is the very first Sadeek Baby for us. So Needless to say he is extra Special. At this time I don't know if I could bare to part with him, if I did let him go it would to be to a VERY Special Person.

SOLD! Thank you and congratulations to the Streames Family :)


Red-Factor Result:

Agouti Result:

Roan Result:

07/25/2018 Frame Result:
N/O One copy of the altered sequence detected.
If bred to another N/O horse, there is a 25% chance of producing a lethal white overo foal.

Tobiano Result:

Splash Result:

Sabino Result:

Desert Realms For Love or Money
2014 AMHA/AMHR Sorrel Pinto 31.25"
RFM Amir Al Sadeek
2013 AMHA/AMHR Bay Roan 31.5"
World Top Three Halter Champion
Breeding Dates: June 2md, 4th, 6th & 8th, 2017 Due: May 4, 2018

Paternal Sibling to Magic Mist Midnight Sun, Shahzad & Malika

Possible Colors: Enya is homozygous for Tobiano. Red Pinto, Black Pinto, Bay (Brown) Pinto, Strawberry Roan Pinto, Bay Roan Pinto or Blue Roan Pinto.

Update! 4/15/18 We Sadly Lost Starlet's Foal due to a Late Term Abortion:/ - 337 Days Buckskin Dun minimal Pinto Colt
Hard Bag no Milk - Dystocia
Old Stage Bit of Vegas in the Buff
2007 AMHA/AMHR Buckskin DUN 31.25"
Homozygous for Black
Zephyr Woods Cash Money
2009 AMHA/AMHR Bay Pinto 28"
2012 AMHR National Champion 28" and Under Sr Stallion
2012 AMHR NATIONAL ALL-STARS TOP FIVE (4th) Aged Stallion, 3 & Older - 30" & UNDER
Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion
Breeding Dates: May 10th, 12th & 13th Due: April 8, 2018

FULL SIBLING to Desert Realms I'm Money!!!!!

3/4 Sibling to Desert Realms A Dream of Spring, & Boomerang.

Maternal Sibling to Desert Realms Against the Odds
Paternal Sibling to Desert Realms Money to Burn, For Love Or Money, A Song of Ice & Fire, Oath Keeper, Kissed by Fire & Keyoshi Warrior.
Possible Colors: Bay, Buckskin, Zebra Dun or Buckskin with or without White Markings!

Update! 4/21/18 Another Late Term Abortion :/ Redbag & Breech Vet out of town
Managed to Save Ember, Thank Goodness!!!! no bag at all - Wildly Marked Pinto Colt
Desert Realms Bejeweled Design
2009 AMHA/AMHR Blue Eyed Sorrel Pinto 30.75"
Home Grown :)
Ember is Homozygous for Splashed White & Positive for Tobiano
RFM Amir Al Sadeek
2013 AMHA/AMHR Bay Roan 31.5"
World Top Three Halter Champion
Breeding Dates: June 5th & 7th, 2017 Due: May 3, 2018

Paternal Sibling to, Magic Mist Midnight Sun, Shahzad & Malika
Maternal Sibling to Desert Realms For Love or Money & Kissed by Fire
Possible Colors: Red/White, Bay/White, Black/White, Blue Roan/White, Bay Roan/White or Strawberry Roan/White