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DOB: August 10, 2013 (322) Silver Grullo Gelding 32.5"
MANIPULATORS BUCKINGHAM (World Champion) X Oak Parks Vegas Intrigue
AMHA # A 218624 / AMHR # 328768A
AMHA Parentage Qualified

Lucian is the Result from Tiria & I's Morrison/Berthoud Adventure! In 2012 I sold my Main herd sire, "Allure" (MMMTC Unexpected Ice Storm) Before Breeding Season got underway so We got in Touch with Indian Peaks Miniatures and Bred our Silver Grulla Mare "Intrigue" (Oak Parks Vegas Intrigue) to the Fabulous Manipulators Buckingham, We Originally Weren't Expecting anything from the cross cause she kept coming back into heat, but on a last ditch effort She was bred a few days before we brought her home, and Surprise! She was in foal! She foaled August 10, 2013 when my Cousin Ashley was House sitting, Everything went fine, Thank Goodness! and We got a Intrigue Look Alike, Which if you ask me, you can't ask for better color! He has nice Conformation, a Sweet, but shy Personality, He Reminds Me So Much of Turbo, the Gelding We lost in 2007. Lucian's FIRST Foal Arrived!!!!! On April 28th! and its a Gorgeous Seal Brown Filly, Who will be named "Desert Realms Enchantress". Lucian has three mares in foal to him for 2017, in hopes of some Grulla Pintos. Reference Only.


03/10/14 Red-Factor Result:
E/E - No red factor detected. Horse cannot have red foals regardless of the color of mate.
Basic color is black, bay or brown in the absence of other modifying genes.

03/10/14 Agouti Result:
a/a - Only recessive allele detected. Black pigment distributed uniformly.
Basic color is black in the absence of other modifying genes.

11/26/13 Silver Result:
N/Z - One copy of the altered sequence detected.
Black-based horses will be chocolate with flaxen mane and tail.
Bay-based horses will have pigment on lower legs lightened and flaxen mane and Tail No effect on chestnut color.

11/19/13 Dun Result:
D/N - Horse has one copy of the Dun gene.
Horse will transmit Dun gene to 50% of the offspring.

03/10/14 Frame Result:
N/N - No evidence for the altered sequence detected.

3/16/15 Splashed White SW-1 Result:
N/N - No copies of SW-1 mutation.

3/16/15 Splashed White SW-2 Result:
N/N - No copies of SW-2 mutation.

3/16/15 Splashed White SW-3 Result:
N/N - No copies of SW-3 mutation.

Tobiano Result:
N/N - No evidence of altered sequence detected. Horse is not Tobiano.

Lucian's Sire and Dam
Oak Parks Vegas Intrigue
2008 AMHA/AMHR Silver Grulla 31.5"
Manipulators Buckingham
1999 AMHA/AMHR Bay Pinto 33.5"
WORLD CHAMPION Halter Stallion
Breeding Dates:
July 6 - 14th, August 2 - August 7th, August 25th & September 22, 2012
Due: June 9, 2013 - August 18, 2013 (330 Days)

I can't Even Begin to Thank John & Jennifer Enough
For Allowing me this Once in a Lifetime Opportunity! Thank You!

Buckingham is Owned by Indian Peaks Miniatures

Manipulators Buckingham

2010 AMHA Top Ten Futurity Stallion 2008 AMHA Top Ten Futurity Stallion 2007 AMHA Central Championship UNANIMOUS Champion Get of Sire 2006 AMHA Top Ten Futurity Stallion 2004 World Top Three Senior Stallion 32-34" 2004 Central Championship Grand Champion Sr. Stallion 2004 Central Championship Champion Sr. Stallion 32-34" 2003 World Reserve Champion Sr. Stallion 32-34" 2003 UNANIMOUS World Grand Champion Amateur Stallion 2003 World Champion Amateur Sr. Stallion - Level 2 2000 World Top Ten Yearling Stallion 30-32" 2000 World Top Ten Futurity Yearling Stallion 30-32" 2000 World Top Ten Amateur Jr. Stallions - Level 2 2000 Eastern Regional Reserve Champion Yearling Stallion 30-32" 2000 Eastern Regional Reserve Grand Champion Amateur Stallion 2000 Eastern Regional Champion Amateur Jr. Stallions - Level 2
NFCS Manipulator

AMHA National Champion 2-year-old Stallion, National Champion sire
Bond Peppy Power

National Champion Producing Sire
Bond Showboy
Bond Timbal
Hemlock Brooks Meggin
Dels Fancy Dude
Dell Teras Miss Ohio
Little Kings Miss Bay Buckeroo
Parentage Qualified

1994 AMHA National Champion Yearling Mare 28-32", 1994 AMHA National Champion Solid Color Mare
Boones Little Buckeroo

3X World Grand Champion Sr Stallion, Get of Sire Winner and Producer of the Same.
Poplar Lanes Samson
Johnstons Vanilla
(by Gold Melody Boy)
Lakeside Miss Kitty
ArrowBrook Bryan Patrick Casey
Lakeside Glory
Oak Parks Vegas Intrigue
Parentage Qualified

Dusty Lane Vegas Bet a Buck
Parentage Qualified

Grand Champion Halter Stallion
Hilltops Little Vegas

Multi AMHR National Top 5 & 10 Halter Champion Producer
Iowas Little Kernel

Great Fondation Sire of the West
Hilltops Little Starlit
Buck Ons Bad Girl
Parentage Qualified

Champion Producer
Little Kings Buck On Broadway

Multi National/World Champion Sire
Buddys Miss Behaving
Taylor Mades Definately Destiny
Alvadars Double Destiny
Parentage Qualified

1998 AMHA National Grand Champion SR. Stallion 2011 AMHA World Grand Champion Get of Sire & Thats just a few of his Titles
Little Kings Buckeroo Times Two

AMHA National Top Ten Halter Champion. National Grand Champion Producer
Mini Bits Shady Lady

National Grand Champion Producer
NFC Little Mans Velveteen
Lazy N Little Man

Multi National Champion Producing Sire
NFCS Red Velvet

Total AMHA Registered Horses: Highest Generation Level (Registered Horses):


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